Monday, October 28, 2013

Blow up or blow out

Good gracious folks! Check the air in your tires!!!!! Do you not understand? Your tires are the only connection your car has to the road. Would you try to ski on a pair of two-by-fours? Would you try to play tennis with a baseball bat? Whatever contacts the road is the most important thing...everything else comes second. Your tires will lose 2-3 PSI (pounds per square inch) every month (unless they are filled with pure nitrogen--which I highly recommend). If you have a small leak, they lose even more. After 2 months, your tires start to wear out prematurely. After 4 months, you lose a considerable amount of control of your car--steering, brakes and power transfer is diminished. Heat build-up and excessive contact makes the car handle poorly, reducing your ability to avoid an accident. Need I say more....OK, just a little more. A new set of tires can cost from $700-1500. Keeping up with tire pressure and rotations can add YEARS to the life of your set. One of my favorite sayings: the only thing common about common sense is that it ain't very common. Now you have no excuse!! Go my friend, Share the wealth and educate someone you love about Air in the tires. 

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